Common Associations

1) National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is one of the most vibrant societies of Navajyothi College. This society has taken many initiatives in the field of community activities, such as social work, health issues, environment issues, campaign against drug abuse and cultural activities. Today more than 100 students are registered as NSS volunteers and they actively participate in all activities organized by NSS Unit of the Navajyothi College.

2) Fine arts and creative mind’s society

The objective of this society is to mainly focus on enhancing the creativity and skill of the students as well as provide them with an experience and knowledge which helps them reach the right amount of efficiency level required to be perfect in their tasks in creative fields. The society with the help of workshops, seminars, demonstrations and various other events lets the students get creative in their own field of interest in a stress free and friendly environment.

3) Eco-Garden club

“Garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience, carefulness, watchfulness, and thrift; above all, it teaches hard work, without hard work nothing grows except weeds. The eco- garden club (EGC) of Navajyothi College is inspired by the above saying and has been working towards a goal of a greener college for us all to enjoy. The society aims at making students aware of the vanishing species of plants and animals, the various climatic calamities, their supposed causes and effects and gardening activities in the NJC.

4) Volunteer’s club

5) Women empower Cell

The Women empower Cell (WEC)was instituted at NJC College with the objective to empower female students through higher education and skill development. It energizes students in their fight against cultures of oppression, silence and discrimination. The Cell believes in strengthening students by creating awareness about socio-political, cultural, and legal perspectives through talks, workshops. Through its myriad activities like street plays, creative writing, poster making, debates, movie screenings and group discussions, the WDC sensitizes and educates female students in a holistic manner. The Women Development Cell of the College organizes workshops and hands-on training programmes both to promote awareness regarding the problems women face in our society as well as empower them through skill development.

Departmental associations

1. Department of languages (DL)

  • English promoters club
  • Film review club


  • Talento (search talents) national level completion
  • Queer- debate programme

2. Department of computer application

  • Innovators club
  • Innovators club


  • Appi
  • Bca fest

3. Department of Commerce

  • Navajyothi college has a commerce society named “FINZWORLD” which provides a platform to the students to express their views on current economic issues through events like debates, quiz, poster competitions, extempore and group discussions. It also organizes an annual Commerce festival by the name of FINZWORLD


    • NJC national level poster competition

    4. Department of business studies

    • Marketing and Entrepreneurship club
    • Current trends assessor’s club


    • BBA Fest
    • NJC’s Questionário