Campus Life

Navajyothi Campus is a lush green land of 22 acres situated about1 kilometres away from the Cherupuzha town. College campus with play grounds and other sportive facilities, here in NJC, learning is not just a series of instructions but a passion, which goes beyond books, beyond instructions, beyond horizons. Here, we enable students to learn by capturing experiences and exploring new realms of wisdom. NJC is proud of its eco-friendly, serene & peaceful environment and deeply committed to upholding values system, it expects its students to conduct themselves in a worthy manner in their dress, demean or and sense of discipline. They must respect their teachers, greeting them when they meet them in or out of the college campus. They are expected to stand up when the teacher enters the classroom, remaining standing till they are directed to sit, or till the teacher takes their seat. When the attendance roll is called, each one must rise and answer their register number. Students should be seated in their respective classrooms at the stroke of the bell. Action will be taken against students found loitering about in the corridors and making noise.

Students are expected to make use of the library during free periods. Movement of the students in the corridors of the campus buildings during lecture hours or sitting on the steps of the staircase or on the steps of the portico of the college is not permitted. Students must possess their identity cards, whenever they come to the college and show it to the persons concerned whenever asked for. Congregating on the road in front of the college or at the entrance of the college is to be avoided. Students must drive their vehicles at the campus at a moderate speed. Defacing any part of the campus is treated as an offence. Students should maintain a sense of decorum and discipline at all times both inside and outside the campus. Those who are guilty of serious misconduct or whose presence in the college is detrimental to the order and discipline on the campus are liable to be expelled. Code of conduct on the campus includes safeguarding the college property, keeping the place clean and tidy and dressing up decently. Boys are expected to be in full pants and clean shirts. Low-waisted pants with several large pockets are not allowed. Girls are expected to dress decently. Out of respect for Indian traditions, students should avoid wearing, tight, transparent, sleeveless, or revealing cloths and should dress appropriately. Only students who are on the rolls of the college and parents shall enter the college campus.