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Department of English

English is a global language that has brought people and cultures together. It has now, in the current global scenario, become the language of education, technology, trade and cross-cultural relations. In addition to its basic functionality in helping to widen the learners’ perspective by introducing them to sundry cultures across the globe, English literature as a discipline caters even to the inculcation of values as it enriches communicative skills, and thereby grooms the holistic development of the youth. Learning of literature thus contributes richly to community living and comradeship. The Department of English offers under graduate and post graduate courses.  


  • Started B.A English with journalism in 2014
  • Started M.A English in 2018


  • To promote Language skills
  • To teach and train students in communication skills
  • To enable students to manage life’s situation
  • To develop students’ personality and linguistic competence.


  • Conduct Propaedeutic classes for fledglings of all departments every year
  • Conducted a series of invited talks on various topics by eminent Professors
  • Outreach Programmes for PG Students
  • Conducted a class on ‘The Basics of Self-defense’ at Govt. U.P School, Kannivayal, Cherupuzha
  • A short course in Yoga   conducted   to help the students overcome emotional and physical disorders 
  • Conducted various inter departmental competitions.
  • Creating eco-friendly premises of the department with the twin objectives of beautifying the department and to encourage the students to tend to indoor plants and thereby to be one with nature

Welcome to the Department of English…

Since the inception of the college in 2011, the department functions offering first language to the students. Later in 2014, the programme B.A. English Literature with Journalism has added to the college. From the very beginning of the department, its commitment and thrive towards excellence from academic to co-academic activities are well known. This department has Language Club, various co-curricular activities headed by students themselves and guided by teachers.   The department also offers certificate course “Grammar and English Language Skills” for the first year under graduate students of the college.  We are also committed to contribute to the social causes by way of indulging in social activities.  In 2018, Postgraduate course in English literature was also added to the department.

Creating eco friendly atmosphere in the department visualises to enable the learners to be aware of the nature as well as learning more of  eco- literature, as their part of study.

The entire faculty of the department is committed to the success and excellence of its students in every matter of their lives. Such trainings are imparted to the students during their period of study.


1. M.A. English

M.A. English Language and Literature is a two year course. This course is designed to indulge students with the prominent authors from different literary periods and from various parts of the world. 

2. B.A. English Language and Literature with Journalism

The aim of the Bachelor’s Degree in English (B.A) Programme is to give the learners a sound understanding of English literature along with communication. A good knowledge of reading comprehension and writing skills would be a pre-requisite for this programme. The BA is a three years programme, divided into six semesters with 90 instructional days per semester.

3. Certificate Course: 

English Grammar and Language Skills

This Certificate Course is offered to the First year undergraduate students from the very beginning of the academic year. The object of the course is to develop grammar and language skills of the students so that they become competent enough to face challenges of the world. 


  Fr. Sijoy Paul CST
Fr. Sijoy Paul CST
Assistant Professor
 Mrs. Ann Mary
Mrs. Ann Mary
Assistant Professor
 Priyesh Kumar P V
Priyesh Kumar P V
Assistant Professor
Athulya Antony
Athulya Antony
Assistant Professor
Jinu Mol Joseph
Jinu Mol Joseph
Assistant Professor
Ms. Ancil Johny
Ms. Ancil Johny
Assistant Professor
Ms. Maneesha Gopi
Ms. Maneesha Gopi
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Nelma Baby
Nelma Baby
Assistant Professor

Previous Year Question Papers


  1.  History_of_english_language_and_literature
  2. Mass Communication Studies
  3. Language_through_literature-i.
  4. Readings_on_kerala.
  5. Mass_communication_studies-supplementary.
  6. Mass_communication_studies-supplementary-1
  7. Introduction_to_mass_communication.
  8. History_of_english_language_and_literature-supplementary
  9. Language_through_literature-i-supplementary
  10. Common-Course-Communicative_english.
  11. Mass_communication_studies.
  12. History_of_english_language_and_literature.
  13. Common-Course-Language_through_literature-i
  14. History_of_english_language_and_literature.
  15. Common-Course-Language_through_literature-i.
  16. Common-Course-Communicative_english-i.
  17. Mass_communication_studies.
  18. History_of_english_language_and_literature-1
  19. Language-Through-Literature.
  20. History-of-English-Language-and-Literature.
  21. Communicative-English-I.
  22. Mass-Communication-Studies.
  23. History_of_english_language_and_literature.


  1. Studies in prose. May 2018
  2. Print Media Journalism
  3. Language Through Literature II
  4. Communicative English II 
  5.  Studies_in_Prose
  6. Reading_on_Indian Constitution Secularism_and Environment-supplementary.
  7. Reading Literatures in English-supplementary
  8. Reading_literatures_in_english-supplementary
  9. Reading_on_indian_constitution__secularism_and_environment-suppl
  10. Print_media_journalism.
  11. Language_through_literature-ii.
  12.  Communicative_english-ii.
  13. studies_in_prose
  14. Language_through_literature-ii.
  15. Communicative_english-ii.
  16.  Print_media_journalism.
  17.  Studies_in_prose.
  18. Print_media_journalism.
  19.  Methodology_of_english_language_and_literature-supl.
  20. Language_through_literature-ii
  21. Communicative_english_-ii.
  22. Studies_in_prose.
  23. Print_media_journalism.
  24. Language_through_literature-ii.
  25. Communicative_english-ii 

III Semester

  1. Television_journalism-1.(Nov2019)
  2. Readings_in_prose_and_poetry-1
  3. Linguistics 
  4. English_in_the_internet_era
  5. Television_journalism-1
  6. Readings_in_prose_and_poetry-1
  7. Linguistics-1
  8. English_in_the_internet_era-
  9. Television_journalism-
  10. Reading_in_prose_and_poetry-
  11. Linguistics-
  12. English_in_the_internet_era
  13. Television_journalism-
  14. Studies_in_prose-supl
  15. Reading_in_prose_and_poetry 
  16. Literature_and_contemporary_issues-supl 
  17. Linguistics- 
  18. English_in_the_internet_era-

IV Semester



V Semester



VI Semester



Power Point Presentations 

  1. PPT-Presentations.pdf
  2. Noam-Chomsky.pptx
  3. MA-ENG.pptx
  4. phonology.pptx
  5. wordsworth.ppt
  6. A_presentation_on_Fanons_Reciprocal_Base.pptx
  7. Death-And-The-Kings-Horseman.pptx
  8. A-House-for-Mr-Biswas.pptx
  9. Chapter-7-Strong-and-Weak-Forms-1.ppt
  10. Connected_speech_features.ppt
  11. III_BA_Criticism.pptx
  12. new_historicism_cultural_materialism.ppt
  13. Simone Beauvoir English1.ppt
  14. Phonetics.ppt
  15. Othello-power-point.ppt
  17. Race and Representation. ppt
  18. SYNTHESIS.pptx

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