From the Manager's Desk

As Indian citizens, one of the fundamental rights is that all of us have inalienable right for basic education. Besides, religious and linguistic minorities have fundamental right to conduct education institutions as their own under the same constitutional privilege. (Constitution of India, part III, art no .30) nevertheless, this education must be suitable to the overall development of the personality of individual adapted to his or her ability and national and cultural traditions. In fact true education is being directed towards the character formation of the individual person along with a mastery over some particular subjects in view of to consolidate his or her life situations.

Right from the expansion of Catholic Church especially with the advent of renaissance period Catholic Church has given utmost priority to the advanced study of pedagogical, psychological and sorts of intellectual sciences including cosmological studies. The sole aim was children and youth should be helped to develop harmoniously their physical, moral and intellectual qualities. Therefore among the various organs of education the school training is of outstanding importance. It fosters a sense of values and develops a capacity for sound judgements as far as the daily problems which they are likely to face in future.

After schooling, it is absolutely necessary to have a high level education, especially in universities and faculties for a professional life. Accordingly, Navajyothi college of arts and science is an initiative of the Little Flower congregation,( CST Fathers) one of the off-shoots of the religious factions of catholic church in Kerala. The motto and vision of the above mentioned self-financing college is “Lighted to Enlighten” indeed this institute under governing of CST fathers endeavour systematically to ensure the treatment of various academic subjects, in consonant with charism of little flower congregation precisely in association with youth ministry. They do pay attention to the trends of this changing era of contemporary society and the surrounding social circumstances.

Acknowledging its grave obligation moral and intellectual education of all its students the CST Fathers and other teachers of Navajyothi college gives outstanding attention and care to a great number of students who are weak in various capacities, including financial instability. Over and above all different efforts are being carried out inside the campus to foster the quality of education and other extra – curricular activities. This has been defined in the current hand book of the college as follows; “Navajyothi is lighted to empower and enable the human beings to become better and responsible citizens through constructive teaching, formation and academic research that the youth may scientifically respond to the wellbeing of the world to create a universal family where all the people can live in due justice, peace and happiness.”.

- Fr. Kottanalloor Abraham