From the Principal's Desk

‘Ignorance is darkness….. Knowledge is light’. Thus Diogenes remains as a persuasive icon of knowledge-seekers of all times. With the development of systematic process of knowledge creation and its transmission in the vistas of social evolution, education became the strongest and most effective tool of social transformation from time to time. It is in this ‘darkness-light’ perspective of education that I address you as the head of a higher education institution in North Kerala which has been named as well as branded as ‘Navajyothi’(The New Light) and stands high with a magniloquent motto, “Lighted to Enlighten”.

The Navajyothi College Cherupuzha is the materialization of an inexorable vision of the CST Fathers that accomplished a long-cherished dream of the people of a vast tract of land on eastern hill-ranges of Kannur-Kasargod Districts. It was a bold step towards the fulfillment of quality education in higher strata, of the region. Our institution has completed eight fruitful years of meritorious service in the sphere of higher education with stamped quality. At this juncture, I am happy to invite your attention to some of the unique features, important milestones in the course of its sail and ever memorable achievements of our institution.

First of all the persistent selection of the location of our institution at a place with picturesque beauty, serenity of a village, but with the accessibility of the facilities of the speedly growing township of Cherupuzha .The location is at Kannikkalam, near to the highway, on the banks of river Thejaswini bordering Kannur-Kasargod Districts. The high level of infrastructure facilities, in tune with the requirements of various courses, programs and activities of the campus have made the institution a dear one to students, faculty members, and parents. The well-selected courses offered by our institution (B.A English with Journalism, two batches of B.Com separately with Co. Operation and Computer Application, B.B.A, B.C.A and M.Com) herald the vision of the institution regarding the requirements related with the various streams and spheres of job-market as well as the social needs of the surrounding local community. The high level of campus discipline, side by side with the meritorious services of the deeply committed teaching faculty and administrative staff have well-reflected in the remarkable academic achievents of Navajyothi College hitherto. Ample opportunities are offered to our students for creative activities in extracurricular and Co-Curricular domains notably through the various well-organized programmes of N.S.S Unit. This ensures the healthy atmosphere in the campus for a balanced physical, intellectual and emotional growth of the students, an essential potential for not only excellent academic achievements but also the total success in life. Again, we feel happy and satisfied in our recollections of several creative programmes and activities in which our students took part in the previous years in collaboration with the Cherupuzha Grama Panchayath and other local bodies in the neighborhood, many Govt. Dept. and volunteer organizations. We believe that all such occasions have taught our students valuable lessons of good citizenship flamed with deep sense of social commitment. Above all, we proudly point to our dynamic management mechanism, its academic vision striving for excellence, divergent well-scheduled programmes of development, provision of infrastructure facilities of super quality, its primary concern for campus discipline and the student – parent friendly approach; all manifest the capability of our management that would be a decisive moulding factor in the growth of Navajyothi College in future. I hope, the joint efforts of the management, teaching faculty, administrative staff, students, parents and well-wishers from the public would bring in miracles in the growth of our institution in coming days. Before concluding, I think this is the time to salute Miss.Mahima Boban the 2nd Rank holder (M.Com-2018) of Kannur University on behalf of the entire Navajyothi community.

We, the team Navajyothi reassure our commitment to materialize in Navajyothi what you visualize about the excellence of Navajyothi.

- Prof. Shajimon