Navajyothi College, Cherupuzha

Career Training Center

We know that the modern organisation is forced to operate in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous climate. In this context, the students who graduated from this college must acquire training and skills to present themselves as suitable to the job market. They should maintain a competitive edge in this competitive global market. The college aims at inculcating employable skills among the students as they progress in their studies at this institution. Therefore, a Career Training Centre is formed for the use of students.


  • To impart basic knowledge and skills suitable for the job market among the students.
  • To increase the motivation level of students


  • The centre should conduct a training programme for the students in association with other cells in the college. 

  • The centre should provide good books and other materials for the stakeholders.

  • Dates shall be declared in advance for NET coaching, Bank Coaching, GMAT; the centre should conduct periodic training in career-related topics.