Navajyothi College, Cherupuzha


Department of Economics

Department of Economics was established in 2018 to impart quality education to prospective students of rural villages and high ranges of Malabar as their accessibility to excellent higher education institutions is limited. The establishment of the department was, in every aspect, in par with the radical and compassionate view of Little Flower Congregation in ensuring inclusion and accessibility in higher education. As a budding branch of Navajyothi College, the department has been functioning enormously well by organising several academic activities which include seminars, workshops, conferences and other programmes for the betterment of its pupil. The department currently offers Undergraduate courses in Economics (B.A. Economics). The courses taught in the department are designed in accordance with the demands of job market and the students admitted to the course are being offered a skill gaining, intensive training in application oriented economics as well as in economic theorising. The skillful faculty of the department includes experienced educators, who are extremely talented in teaching as well as in economic research. The department envisages producing compassionate, skillful and talented young minds as such they can provide the society with radical and substantial change in the realms of development, inclusion, poverty and inequality.


Ad Maius Bonum, per Ratio et Logica’ – For the greater good, through reason and logic.

To impart deep knowledge and understanding about the core principles of economics to prospective students of vulnerable and depressed sections and regions of the society, and to enable them to contribute towards the overall growth and development experience of society and of the economy.