Navajyothi College, Cherupuzha

Exam Rules

Examination Rules

Evaluation System There shall be University examinations at the end of each semester. A candidate who fails to register for the University Examination shall not be permitted to move to next semester.


Improvement of courses in a particular semester can be done only once. The student shall avail of the improvement chance in the succeeding year along with the subsequent batch. There shall be no improvement chance for internal evaluation. The internal marks already obtained will be carried forward to determine the new grade/ mark in the improvement examination.

If the candidate fails to appear for the improvement examination after registration, or if there is no change in the results of the improvement examination, the mark/ grade obtained in the first appearance will be retained.

There shall be no supplementary examinations. For reappearance/ improvement, the students can appear along with the next batch

Rules regarding Internal Assessment

  • 1) The aim of the internal assessment is to assess the performance of the student throughout the semester. The assessment will be done by the course teachers.
  • 2) Appearance for Internal Assessment (IA) and End Semester Evaluation (ESE) are compulsory and no grade shall be awarded to a candidate if she/he is absent for IA/ESE or both.
  • 3) There will be two or more written examinations of which the average marks will be accepted for the summation of internal grade. 4) The internal assessment for each subject is done by the instruction and guidance given by the University.
  • 5) The internal assessment shall be based on a predetermined transparent system involving written tests, assignments, seminars, viva, and attendance in respect of theory courses and Lab involvement and records, tests, and attendance in respect of practical courses. 6) No student shall be absent from the internal assessment of any kind.
  • 7) If a student is absent from the internal examination for a grave reason has a chance to appear for the exam on request and the same can be conducted by the course taught at a convenient time. The matter should be brought to the notice of HOD and a student should get written permission from the HOD to appear for the exam.
  • 8) Components with the percentage of marks of internal Evaluation of Theory Course are (2019 Admission).