Navajyothi College, Cherupuzha


The Undergraduate programme of commerce is the most extensive programme in Navajytohi College. All the societies under the Department of Commerce play an essential role in enhancing students’ skills by organising various activities to get an edge in the outside world.  The department emphasises practical learning through projects, internships, seminars, and workshops at the field level by experts drawn from academia and industry. 

The Undergraduate programme offers courses such as;

B.Com Computer Application :  A three-year programme spread into six semesters. The course offers specialised training in computer specialises that facilitates stakeholders’ employable skills.

B.Com Cooperation: A course emphasising the current cooperative sector features. The course enables one to establish a system as an employee in the cooperate sector. 

B.Com Finance : Another stream of commerce started in 2020 that meets the current issues on commerce. 

Eligibility Criteria :  The qualifying examination marks + weightage of 25 marks for each commerce subject such as Accounting, Business Studies, Management Studies, Auditing, Computer Application, Banking, Income Tax and Economics taken by the candidate subject to a maximum of 75 marks.