Navajyothi College, Cherupuzha

Department Library

The department library is designed for the two postgraduate departments, Commerce and English, for the convenience of students and teachers to refer books and periodicals, preparation for class and others. 

Aim of the library

The department library envisages catering to the needs of the department students in enhancing their studies.

The department library aims at forming the postgraduates into excelling in academics.

The department library wants to inculcate sincerity and commitment to academics among the students.

It functions as a centre for preparing NET and other competitive examinations.

Library Norms 

The in charge of the department library is the Head of the Department or any other person appointed by the Head of the Department.

The in-charge should keep a register of books and make a periodical audit on the books.

Books from the main library should not be kept in the department library.

There should be an entry register for the students.

Books from the department library shall not issue to the students.  If books are issued, the responsibility lies with the in-charge of the library.

The department has to keep the library neat and clean.