Navajyothi College, Cherupuzha

About St. Thomas Province

St. Thomas Province is one of the four Provinces of the Little Flower Congregation (CST Fathers). This Congregation is founded by Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Panat aka Fr. Basilius (1891-1976). As a congregation began to grow into various parts of the world, it is decided in the Ninth Ordinary Synaxis of 1991 to erect two Provinces and thus St. Thomas Province came into effect on March 19,1994. Geographically St. Thomas Province consists of North Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, North East. Members of the Province tirelessly work to spread the Gospel Values through various social, apostolic and educational ministries throughout these places keeping in mind the charism of the Congregation; “Be little and Serve the little”.

The basic thrust of St. Thomas Province of the Little Flower Congregation.

  • To have a spirituality of integral vision
  • Solidarity -founded on respect and love
  • Total and integral rural development
  • Theresian aspiration ‘to be love in the heart of the Church’
  • The Restoration of harmony between God, the humanity and the world

Our Target Groups

  • The rural youth
  • The dispossessed and dehumanized Tribals and Dalits
  • The unorganized small farmers and agricultural workers
  • The victims of communalism’
  • The broken families and victimized women

Our Priorities

  • Priority of Values: Personal communion with God, simplicity, hard work, justice and peace, sense of responsibility and self-sacrifice, sense of belongingness.
  • Priority of Activities: Struggle for social justice, promotion of universal brotherhood, care for the environmental order, youth apostolate, activities for rural uplift.