Navajyothi College, Cherupuzha


We live in a knowledge-dominated world today. We witness and marvel at the tremendous progress in science and technology. Science-backed technology now produces an abundant variety of goods and provides a wide spectrum of services, in response to the expanding needs of all categories of peoples. This has radically enhanced the standards of living of people, significantly reduced the burden of work, and has greatly increased human capabilities not only in the physical but also in the mental domain. As a result, there is more time available for leisure and for humanizing activities. In today’s context, relevant education is an essential resource for life and living. The presence or absence of this critical resource is a basic divider of our Indian society today. India had the distinction of having the insight that it is knowledge that liberates us (gyana marga mukti marga). But knowledge had remained the prerogative of a few in ancient Indian societies.



Therefore, the St. Thomas Province of Little Flower Congregation has established Navajyothi College at Cherupuzha affiliated to Kannur University, with the vision Lighted to Enlighten. The primary mission of the college is to form man and woman for and with others. For the last one decade, the mission of the college is intimately pursued by the management and students. 

The learning at NJC is an experience that forms the foundation of one’s life. Pitch you Dreams at NJC…